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Phone:   (512) 522-9511


Address:  Due to the current pandemic, all sessions will be held via teletherapy until further notice.


I'm glad you decided to learn more about how I might help you. You may be experiencing a life transition or wish you could make changes in your life.  At some point most everyone experiences some kind of loss, stress or major changes and feels the need for help or someone to listen.  You might feel overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety or sadness. Maybe you've experienced a loss, either unexpected, or one the you knew was coming, are left having to go on and you feel you could use some support.

One of the hardest steps comes just before you decide it’s time to reach out for help.  Often when people decide it is time to get into counseling, they are already experiencing some sort of crisis.   I know how hard this time can be and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have.


I have watched people, through therapy, move into a space where they feel better about themselves, have healthier relationships with others and feel more satisfied with their life’s work.  For me, this is the greatest reward and it would be a privilege to walk beside you as you move along this path.

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